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Automotive Brands


Mercedes-Benz history began in 1886 when engineer Karl Benz invented the world’s first car. For nearly a century, our mission has been to move the world. This pioneered a path of innovation and technology which remains with us today.


Purple by Gargash is a dynamic, young concept in the UAE automotive industry that combines Gargash’s reputation for trust and service with a purple promise that gives all the reassurance, ease and excitement while choosing a pre-owned car.

SIXT limousine.png

Sixt Limousine offers luxury limousines, professional chauffeurs along with a premium service. The company answers all customers needs from a premium limousine service or a high-class travel experience, to organizing events, board meetings... Sixt Limousine provides a limousine and local chauffeur to enjoy a safe and professional journey.


The Alfa Romeo brand has a legendary performance-based persona. They are the pioneers in incorporating their racing DNA into ordinary cars and are iconic engine makers.


Sixt is a German multinational mobility solutions provider with about 2,000 locations in over 115 countries. Founded in Munich, Germany in 1912 with the current HQ in Pullach. Gargash is the official franchisee for SIXT rent a car in the UAE since 2001. Sixt UAE has an extensive fleet of cars in its portfolio ranging from affordable hatchbacks to premium limousines.

Gargash General Trading Logos.jpg

Gargash General Trading comprises several divisions including Lubricants, Machinery Department which consists of Construction Equipment, Industrial Equipment, Heavy Equipment & Power Systems and a recent Green Energy focus


GAC Motor stands on the pillars of Craftsmanship, Innovation, Quality & Connectivity in the automotive world. Established in Ghuangzou, China in 2007, GAC Motor has established distribution in over 26 countries over 5 major regions globally in such a short period.

SIXT Leasing.png

Sixt Leasing is your trusted partner for vehicle leasing in the UAE. With a rich heritage and extensive expertise in the automotive industry, we offer innovative and flexible solutions to meet your individual or corporate needs. Our team is passionate about delivering exceptional customer service and ensuring your leasing experience is seamless. With Sixt Leasing, you can enjoy the freedom of driving without the burdens of ownership.

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