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Financial Services

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Daman Investments is a well-known non-banking financial services company with a strong track record of performance and expertise. It has been operating in the UAE and GCC for over 20 years and currently provides a wide range of services, including asset management, brokerage, corporate finance, funds, investment strategies, financial planning, and advisory services. Daman Investments offers its clients a customized and adaptive approach, backed by a team of experts with deep knowledge of the global and local financial markets.

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Since 1998, Daman Securities has grown rapidly into a leading brokerage firm, known for its expertise and performance in core markets. The company operates with transparency, governance and professionalism, prioritizing ethical business practices and operational transparency. Its operations comply with Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority regulations, and it offers innovative financial brokerage services to both regional and international clients.


Established in 2008  in Abu Dhabi, Deem Finance LLC (deem) is a financial services provider regulated by the Central Bank of UAE and is part of the UAE-based conglomerate - Gargash Group. Deem has attracted a broad customer base in the UAE market through its range of innovative cash-up and loyalty-driven cards. Deem provides a full-function product range, including a range of unsecured loans and credit cards to individuals, and corporate deposits to companies

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